Robustanya Jember  di kopiKOE Cafe Java Lotus Hotel

Robustanya Jember  di kopiKOE Cafe Java Lotus Hotel

PUSAT kopi Robusta terbaik se Indonesia adalah Jember, tempat “ngopinya” di kopiKoe Cafe Java Lotus Hotel. Kedai kopi di Jember yang menjual dan menyuguhkan seduhan kopi Robusta houseblend dan premium. Kedai berlokasi di Kepatihan Kecamatan Kaliwates dikelola satu atap manajemen Java Lotus Hotel. Di kedai kopiKoe dijual biji kopi Robusta pilihan dalam kemasan untuk buah tangan dari […]
makanKOE Restaurant in Java Lotus Hotel Jember, East Java

makanKOE Restaurant

Our Delicious Locale Food Let the journey begin from makanKOE Restaurant in Java Lotus Hotel Jember. What to start? Certainly, Breakfast in buffet setting is a must-eat meal to start the day. Culinary with the taste of the archipelago combined with fresh ingredients and quality provides fun food to enjoy. Extra-ordinary cuisine is an essential part of the culinary experience. Here at makanKOE Restaurant, the Culinary Department merges the finest local Indonesian cuisine with its tradition, Asian, and a touch of little western selection with authentic flavors.
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INFINITY SWIMMING POOL Enjoy your day by swimming in our roof top infinity swimming pool. An outdoor swimming pool with natural temperature of water on the floor 9 of Java Lotus Hotel Jember. From the picturesque swimming pool, you can capture a spectacular view of Meru Betiri mountain and the urban city of Jember. GYM – FITNESS The gym at Java Lotus Hotel Jember offers a scenic sunset view from the 9th floor of the building. Yet, here is an inspirational sporting space where we can enjoy the view of Jember Regency from above. A look up!

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